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How did we become Sudol Media?

By Katharine Skellon | June 10, 2022

We all have a story to tell… One of the easiest stories for people in business to tell, is story behind their business name. Although most of us spend lot’s of time telling you what we can do for our customers, many companies miss out the story of how they came to be and why they chose the name they did. How many times have…

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Who loves an old-school written diary?

By Katharine Skellon | June 9, 2022
Filofax v iPad

Call me old-fashioned but I’m old-school. I love my pillarbox red Filofax and the joy of having a proper diary and writing with a fountain pen.Electronic versions might be quick and easy but I spend far too much time staring at a screen already. Plus, I fear my Android phone may have a seizure and lose all my dates and notes. Invented when Lloyd George…

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By Lyndon Price | March 3, 2022
Word Book Day

A book of hope for uncertain times. TODAY marks the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, held to celebrate reading for pleasure today and all-year round, which focuses on getting books into the hands of children. As a freelance journalist and an avid reader, it seemed appropriate, in light of the harrowing situation in Ukraine, to recommend my favourite illustrated books on #WorldBookDay for those…

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Accuracy or Acurracy ?

By Lyndon Price | January 19, 2022
Matt Tebbutt story filled with mistakes.

Accuracy is so important in your messages, as is double checking before you post. Whether it’s your latest blog or a simple Facebook post, get your message right first time. By the time you’ve noticed your error, umpteen potential customers have already noticed your mistake. In this example, The Daily Mail managed to invent the county of ‘Grent’, used ‘taking’ instead of ‘taken’ and also…

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We all need an Octothorpe

By Lyndon Price | September 21, 2021

What is that we’ve all seen on a keyboard, probably used at least one, can be found in different locations depending on where you live and we might called something different depending on it’s use? Of course we are talking about the Octothorpe. That little symbol that you look at and have to think – do I need a shift key to use it ?…

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