What is a blog, what is a post and what is a page?

What is a page, blog, post?

When discussing websites, there are several frequently asked questions, including: Let’s delve into each of these to gain a better understanding. What is a page? A page is a fundamental building block of a website, comprising various types of content like text, images, videos, and interactive elements. Websites generally have multiple pages, each with its…

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Back up your data NOW

Back up your data - it's important

Why Data Backup is Vital Living in the digital age, technology is an integral part of our daily lives. From storing important work documents to preserving family photos, most of our valuable data is now stored digitally. However, with technology being prone to malfunctions, hacking, and human errors, it’s crucial to back up your data…

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GPT-4 – ai is about to get even more powerful

ai technology

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the past decade, and with each passing year, we see new breakthroughs that push the boundaries of what computers can do. One such breakthrough is GPT-4, which promises to be the most advanced language processing AI model yet. GPT-4 stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4,” and it’s…

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Will ai put everyone out of job?

ai and the affect on jobs

The impact of ai on employment is a complex issue, and there is no straightforward answer. While AI has the potential to automate many jobs and replace human labour in certain industries, it can also create new job opportunities and enhance existing ones. It’s essential to understand that AI is not a standalone technology but…

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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 - GT4 graphic

GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is the most up to date version of Google’s web analytics tool. It was released in October 2020 and is the successor to the popular Google Analytics Universal Analytics (UA) version. GA4 is a significant upgrade over UA, with several new features and enhancements that make it a must-have tool…

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What is SEO ?

What is SEO : Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone talks about SEO and how it can benefit our online lives but for many small businesses, Search Engine Optimisation is a very complex topic that looks at lots of separate entities and scores you accordingly. We are not going to go too deeply into SEO as it could easily fill a book in it’s…

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A look back at 2022 and here’s to 2023

Happy New Year! As we step into a bright New Year and bid a fond farewell to the old, it seems an apt time to reflect on some of our highlights of 2022. If our paths haven’t crossed before, I’m Katharine, a journalist for more than 20 years in newspaper media, whilst my husband Lyndon…

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Why is SEO so important?

SEO - explained

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a vital part of your growing your website into a strong and stable backbone to your business. Many people spend a lot a money and time on creating the perfect website with flashy graphics and killer content and then sit and wait for the customers to pour in. Surprise, surprise…

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Twenty One Years In The Making

Sudol Media Front pages

Looking back through my portfolio of 21 years of journalism and I found my first-ever front page exclusive for the South Wales Argus in 2002. As a cub reporter based in the newsroom, I quickly learned that journalism was a high-octane profession, and that you never knew what story you would be covering at the…

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What a week for Newsrooms..

What an extraordinary week in politics for my fellow multi-media journalists in the newsrooms around the UK. Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister after 45 days and a new leadership contest has begun. There’s nothing quite like the fast-paced news-driven environment of a newsroom, especially in today’s rapidly changing political situation. All credit to…

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