What can Sudol Media do for you?

Standing out in an competitive market is difficult for big as well as small organisations. We aim to help you find a place in your specific market and stand out from your competitors. We want to help you drive new traffic to your website, generate new leads, and boost your social media presence.

As a Media consultant and Journalist, we blend traditional PR media with digital and social media marketing to tell your story.


We Love Content

We love creating, whether it's a press release for you new exciting venture or a website for your expansion, we'd like to be there with you on your journey.

From full blown complete package or just occasional assistance we can help you get your message out to the people who matter... your audience.


Social Media

We can offer you full service social media management – We can take care of your social media presence and post engaging content and even interact with your customers. We can also assist with relevant mail shots.


Press and Media Relations

With our extensive media contacts, we can write and send out your Press Releases to the relevant media channels.

We have an understanding of both the local and national media, across the UK, including deadlines, copy length and adapting press releases to the style of the relevant paper or magazine and can utilize contacts to identify opportunities into which to raise your profile


Social Media Advertising

Social media is the key advertising channel for many these days but it is also a great way to throw your money away by either using a scattergun approach or not targeting the correct audiences. We can help by targeting your key potential audience and tailoring media that will fit that audience.


Websites and SEO

Getting yourself online can be daunting, complex and time consuming. Once you have a website that you are happy with, it still doesn't mean that your customers are going to pour through your doors. It needs to be inviting and structured with relevant content that will convert to sales. This is all without search engine optimization, if your not showing on a search engine you might as well not be there. We can look at your current site and make improvements or if you prefer start all over again



If you are planning any events, we can help. Whether it's assistance with an event or starting from scratch. We can also help you market your event and get the message out to you prospective visitors.


Creative Content

We can help you get your message out to relevant media channels with engaging content specifically tailored for the audience.


Let's get your business to the next level !

We want to tell everyone your brand story and get you noticed. We tailor each message to each channel’s requirements to optimise the impact whilst still keeping within the scopes of your brand.  We want the impact of your message to be high along with your return on investment whilst keeping your costs low.